My mom is one of the most incredible people I know. She’s been a wonderful mom, best friend, and teacher. My mom is someone who continually gives, lives selflessly, and thinks of ways to love. Every year, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to celebrate her birthday on May 1 then Mother’s Day shortly after. I always feel at a lose on how to show her how much I appreciate her—how much her life has impacted mine, how she has made me succeed in so many areas of my life. Without my mom, I wouldn’t be who I am. That’s a privilege and an honor to say.

A little less than 3 months ago, my mom helped me plan the most beautiful wedding, the one I had always dreamed up. She stood by my side and supported me as I married my love. And, I can only imagine the bittersweetness of that day. It’s a transition spending daily life close to my mom to then move to Santa Barbara, a town she holds dear memories in, but is now 6.5 hours away from her. And, this year, my heart felt sad to be far from her on her birthday.  Besides the love of my life, she’s my dearest and closest friend.

She gave me a journal in the month leading up to my wedding–one that she started when I was a baby. It’s the most thoughtful and precious gift I’ve ever received. I hope, someday, I can be the kind of mom my mom has been to me.  I believe, God created us with intention and purpose–to love and bless others, to share our lives with others. My mom is someone that hasn’t just deeply impacted me; she’s impacted hundreds of students, those she has taught over the years.

So, this post is for my MOM, but also to other moms: You are doing a deep and beautiful work. Love your kids. Make them your best friends. It’s the most important job you will ever has.

Kids: Love and appreciate your mom. You’ll never know the deep love they have for you. I picture it so closely to how Christ feels about us, His beloved children. We are His creation.

So, you’re probably wondering what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. It’s a very important day. Please don’t let it go by without loving and appreciating your mom.

I recently tried some products with a company I love, called: Thesis Beauty. They are an organic and natural skin lines

Beautiful products and ones your mom would love. They sent a beautiful face serum. But, my favorite has really been the face mask.


It’s beautiful and really smells lovely!

And, my mom is the prettiest. She was the BEST Matron of Honor. I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday + Mother’s Day. You’re the very best Mom. I feel the luckiest!






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