The BEST Muesli.

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Whenever I cook or bake, I cook with love and lots of good ingredients. I’m a firm believer, for one, that I need to fuel my body well. With logging lots of miles (especially at altitude), I’ve really worked hard to focus on fueling efficiently. From my breakfast, to post-run UCAN shake, to red meat and lots of veggies, I’ve grown a lot in my view of food and how to use it for fuel (but also ENJOY it).

My boyfriend, Seth, is a food-lover like me. We love cooking together. Usually it’s vegan/raw dishes with red meat once in awhile. We love good breakfasts, huge salads for lunch…and yes, huge salads for dinner too. Mainly we just pile lots of nutrients on greens (whether it’s meat, quinoa..etc).

He’s a big fan of muesli and I was inspired this morning to create my own recipe of muesli. He says the key is some fresh OJ with whatever milk you use when you soak it overnight. (I use almond milk or homemade cashew or walnut milk) Adds a little sweetness. I think I’ll try it tonight!

Like any recipe I write or create, I use ingredients I enjoy and love. Muesli is pretty easy to make. There’s no right or wrong answer to ratios, etc.

If you don’t like the below ingredients, you can sub them out for other ingredients. But, below are a few reasons I chose what I did:

Oats: One of the best breakfast foods. It’s easy to digest, great for simple carbs, and it’s a whole grain.

Mulberries: Raw, GF, Organic..etc. These are superfood! They are rich in iron and vitamin C. Mulberries have resveratrol, which is an antioxidant (it’s also found in red wine) Basically, it helps you have a healthy heart!

Golden Berries: Another superfood. These are rich in vitamin A and are also rich in fiber.

Sweet Cacao Nibs: Superfood, again. These are rich in antioxidants, magnesium, iron, fiber, as well as other vitamins. These are so so much better than eating chocolate or chocolate chips. These fuel you and taste delicious for dark chocolate lovers like me.

Chia Seeds: Rich in fatty acids and another tool for fuel, these are great to add to smoothies or cereals like this.

Raisins: While raisins are kind of sugary and sweet, they are a quick energy source!

Walnuts: Lots of good omega-3s in walnuts. And, they add such a good crunch to cereals. I love nuts and walnuts are one of my favorite kinds.

Sunflower Seeds: They are packed with vitamin E and are great for your heart. Plus, they are an anti-inflammatory!

Cinnamon: It’s an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammartory, as well as a lot of other benefits. Cinnamon might seem like an ordinary spice, but it’s packed with nutrition.

Superfood Muesli

4 Cups Whole Oats

1.5 ounces (one bag) of Dang Coconut Chips (or regular coconut)

1/4 Cup Sweet Cacao Nibs

1/2 Cup Golden Berries

1/2 Mulberries

1/2 Walnuts

1/3 Sunflower Seeds (I used TJ’s Maple Rosemary Sunflower Seeds)

1/3 Raisins

2 Tsp. Chia Seeds

2 Tsp. Cinnamon


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