Oh Kale YEAH: Best Bread Ever.

I’ve been meaning to write this awesome bread review on Bread SRSLY since my marathon.

Bread SRSLY is a Gluten Free Sourdough company located in San Francisco, CA, which is basically sourdough bread heaven. If you want good sourdough, go to SF.

What initially drew me to this company was this…


What could get any better than kale in bread? KALE in sourdough bread. AND, Gluten-Free.

Mind Blown.

And, when  I received it, it was fresh like it came straight from the oven. The rolls are my favorite so far, but I have yet to try the classic sourdough that they sent me.

IMG_1201 IMG_1812

Topped with Kerrygold, avocado, and a little sea salt, you’ve got the perfect meal.

If you’re not sold by my pictures of Bread SRSLY bread, check out some of theirs:

1426807791588 IMG_3834 1426807600893

And, start drooling…

packaging IMG_3908 cast-iron-small

Typically, I give lots of background on the company, but I’d say that Sadie, Bread SRSLY’s founder, has done a pretty fantastic job herself and the start to her company is worth the read. Click here for the full story!

Here are all the places you can buy Bread SRSLY. But, if you’re not lucky to live by a location to pick up this delicious bread, like me, you can also order it online! And, just like I found out from my order: it comes 100% fresh with the packaging date etc. I was really impressed!

I wouldn’t classify myself as a bread lover (all of you that know me well know that I love a good kale salad and iced coffee) Until…I tried this bread and realized that it is the best bread I’ve ever had.  The ingredients are simple for a GF bread, which I am always looking for. Simplicity is best. I’ve now found Gluten-Free bread that I’ll always enjoy! And, my boyfriend and family love it too!

Basically, this has been one of my very favorite companies to review. From my love of the product, to their promptness in keeping in touch, Bread SRSLY has my loyalty. Thanks for making delicious GF Bread!


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