A Poppin’ Review: Quinn Popcorn.


Oh Quinn, I’m so happy to write this review.

Quinn Popcorn‘s Mission? To reinvent microwave popcorn. When it comes to packaging? No chemical coatings. It’s compostable. When it comes to ingredients? No GMOS. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. The cheese? rBGH-free. The maple? From Vermont. (Of course.) This company is real, authentic and honest. From their packaging to their ingredients, I can only speak highly of what they do. They’re cleaning up food, not just by what they make, but how they promote, how they give back, and how they keep integrity in the food world. We need more companies like Quinn!

There’s bags of delicious Quinn Popcorn already popped for you, like this Kale and Sea Salt.

Or, like most of us, delicious and warm popcorn is the best.

Quinn Popcorn FullSizeRender Quinn Popcorn

So, once you pop the delicious popcorn, you pour on the oil, then the other topping and shake it up!

Vermont Maple and Sea Salt FullSizeRender copy

I bought Vermont Maple & Sea Salt and Parmesan & Rosemary, but there are lots of other delicious flavors. You can buy Quinn Popcorn online or in places like Whole Foods. Our grocery store just started carrying it in Mammoth Lakes, so I am pretty excited. It’s the perfect snack, movie food, and you can feel good about eating it. It’s the best, yummiest, and cleanest popcorn you’ll find!

Plus, look at the simplicity of ingredients. Here’s the Vermont Maple & Sea Salt:

Vermont Maple & Sea Salt

And, here’s the fun microwave instructions:

Microwave Instructions

This is popcorn at it’s finest and popcorn worth popping.

Pop on over to your local store and pick some up! Thanks, Quinn Popcorn for sending me deliciousness. Thankful for companies like you!

And, on another note, this was my view for my double yesterday. It’s definitely popcorn weather.

Mammoth Lakes.


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