Memory Making and Celebrating.

These past weeks have been such a whirlwind of fun events, family, racing my second marathon and first major, seeing friends and my love, reuniting with my college roommates, celebrating a wedding of one of them…and too much to write in a blog post.

Chicago was so special to spend with close family friends.

And, so much time with family was a huge blessing. So very thankful.

Time with Seth and his family was wonderful because they’re my second family.

Spending time with my sweet friend, Katelyn and celebrating her senior year, so very close to mine. And, seeing my best friend’s new apartment and celebrating her life as she has her first nursing job.

Reuniting with my college roommates keeps me grounded, reminds me of the blessings I have even from afar, makes me so thankful I have them still. We laughed til we cried. We reminisced, talked, laughed, cried, stayed up late, ate delicious cake (GF might I add), and sent one of “us” off to marriage. It was such a special weekend and filled with so many memories. And, sometimes, I have feared memory making with them would stop after college. But, we continue to build memories and send cards and Facetime from other parts of the world. We celebrate love, new jobs, new opportunities and rally together against boring jobs or bad dates or hard days; we’re no longer roommates, but our sisterhood hasn’t disappeared. We do what we did in college, only, it’s a little different.

And, often times, I go through a homesickness feeling after all the highs, the excitement, the time spent with loved ones. Flying into Reno, I drove home and thought about all the great opportunities God has given me. So, I am doing my best to live in gratitude, to live in thankfulness, to live in the season God has placed me.

Can I also say, Mammoth is gorgeous right now. It’s quiet and sleepy and I’m thankful for the warm sun and clear streets. While we need snow, I’m celebrating that it hasn’t come yet because I love the feeling of late fall, of the changing seasons, and frankly, not freezing my bum off.

So, in this next season, I will choose to live in celebration, to tune my ear into God’s heart for me, and keeping moving forward into another season of working hard, training, racing, and celebrating time I get to see family and friends. Because, often times, for me…I’m about what’s next. And, I so badly don’t want to miss the present or the life that is happening right in front of me: my life that God has written. It’s quite the story and I don’t want to miss it.

Best Friends. IMG_0564 IMG_0555 IMG_0544


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