Nothing is better than Home.

I’m most myself when I’m home, when I’m surrounded by the people I love, the people who fuel me, who fuel my running, who pour into me, who introduced me to Jesus and continue to teach me what loving others looks like. They’re honest to tell me my faults. They cry with me when I’m sad. They rejoice when I succeed. They’re my family, my best friends, part of my core, part of me. My mom is my best friend, and always will be. Spending her birthday with her filled us both with joy. United.


Where I live is filled with beauty. I live in dream land for runners. And, I feel incredibly blessed to be there. But, nothing is better than home. Nothing is more beautiful than relationships, then spending time with who you love.

Notice the tan lines? Life of a runner. I’m here for 10 days before my race to get in some sea-level training. I’ve got a sweet spot to stay for my training camp…..HOME.

Like almost every time I get to visit home, I blog about all the things I love about home. Why it’s the best. Why it fills me with joy. I’ll include some pictures this time.

Baby Boo and I reunite. He’s a doll. And, he loves to cuddle. Charlie is pretty great too. He’s so happy when I come home that his energy level of a lazy dog goes from 10% to 110%. 


We’ve got a special bond.


And, then, there’s Char. Cozy as a teddy bear. Or a moose. Sometimes, I call him a moose.


Then, there’s some pictures of my brother and I in the hallway.



My mom’s creativeness….


And, my dad’s creativeness for my mom….


My brother’s talent for piano and anything else artistic or math related. Or, just the fact that he’s brilliant.


So, family…thanks for being my best friends and support system. I wouldn’t be me without you.

And, speaking of people I love…

I get to see this guy and his family in a week after I race at the US 25k Third Fifth River Bank Run. More than excited to race, and see more of my “home” team.



2 thoughts on “Nothing is better than Home.

  1. Love your blog, Lauren. I am a passionate runner/Christ follower as well (not nearly as fast though!) Enjoy your time at home and I am routing for you and your Olympic dreams – so cool! =)

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I love that God blesses us with unique talents, gifts, and abilities to praise him. I will definitely enjoy home! And, keep loving running and using it to serve Christ and others.

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