Maple Moose + Mondays.

This Monday was incredibly exciting and special: Boston Marathon. 

There were a few incredible performances, including Meb winning the men’s race and Jeptoo repeating her victory. Plus, both of my teammates had PRs and my teammate, Bria, got her qualifier for the Olympic Marathon Trials! My friend Esther Erb (who I ran my NY Half with) ran a PR as well of 2:33.17 range, and my friend Wendy Thomas also had a solid day. 

Yesterday, I spent Easter in reflection, in prayer, in thanking God for His provision. I did my favorite run and then some of 22 miles, and it was just as beautiful and fun as I imagined. I enjoyed the big climbs and some of the soaring downhills, where I could view some of the majestic mountains. When you see those views, the climbs are worth it, just like relying on Christ and on His grace: it’s worth it. His plans are greater. When I got home, I ventured to get coffee, grab a new journal, then spent time journaling my heart on paper.





And, as for Maple Moose….

David Rio Chai has a new chai! MAPLE MOOSE. Chai + Maple= Heavenliness in your mouth.

David Rio Chai is my FAVORITE chai, and they kindly sent me one of their new flavors. I love to put a scoop in my cold brew toddy.

I first tried David Rio Chai at one of my favorite coffee shops in Glendora: Classic Coffee.

One of my best friends, Katelyn and I, at Classic. Coffee + Chai + Best Friends = Better than anything. One of the reasons I probably really like David Rio Chai is the memories that flood my mind when I have it. Memories of college. Memories of best friends. Memories of ending my early double runs there. 



So, what makes Maple Moose my new favorite?

It’s brewed from black tea and has a mixture of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s got a tough of real maple for sweetness.

You can have David Rio’s Chai hot, cold, or blended. On hand, I have the Maple Moose and Sugar-Free Orca Spice.

They also have a bunch of other flavors: Tiger Spice Chai, Elephant Vanilla, Tortoise Green Tea, Giraffe Decaf, Toucan Mango, and Flamingo Vanilla Decaf Sugar-Free. You won’t find a better chai company; I guarantee! You can get their products online here.






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