For the Love of Pine, Coffee + Protein.

First, it’s gorgeous out.


The view from our deck this a.m. as I write this morning.



I got up, made oatmeal, and poured cold brew.

Typically, I got back to my room and journal/read the Word and check mail in bed. But, the weather is gorgeous. And, it makes me want to enjoy as much of it as I can, to appreciate God’s gift of seasons, to celebrate that I live in a place where God’s handiwork is so evident in nature. The smell of pine is filling the air. It’s the Mammoth I grew to love over the summers I’ve trained here.

So, this a.m., I’m writing on the deck and listening to Shane & Shane. 

I have a tempo this morning on my own on Green Church Rd. (well, really Benton Crossing Road, but…known as Green Church). There’s this gorgeous green church at the beginning of the road. And, it’s a reminder that God is working and present, and that my tempo is an act of worship. 

Seth and I tried to Facetime, like usual, and just like last night, it didn’t work. I called him and said, “Ugghhh why isn’t it working again? I even tried sitting in different places in my room.” He laughed said, “I think it’s an Apple thing. You should read the message boards. Long distance people are freaking out…” Hahaha. We had to laugh..and then got Google + to work. I am thankful for technology. 


So, for the love of coffee + protein…

JavaPro sent me samples of their coffee protein powder. JavaPro is made by Nature’s Best.


I would love to say that I really like this product, because I try to give positive reviews. But, I also have to be honest. Garden of Life has recently blessed me with a great partnership as I train for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials. I’m glad I with a company that puts whole and raw ingredients into their protein powers.

JavaPro has four coffee flavors: espresso, vanilla, caramel, and mocha. For coffee lovers, this is great! For black coffee lovers like me, it’s maybe not my favorite. JavaPro is loved by many coffee lovers who need a protein boost after working out, but the fake sweetener taste and instant coffee taste is evident. Still, this is a good whey supplement and gets the job done. Hardly any added sugars and it has lots of vitamins (which I can give a thumbs up to).

So, if you need a coffee + protein supplement, look into JavaPro!



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