Sweet Spreads + The 3 Nuts

This post involves two things I really like: nut butter and coconut from two awesome companies.


Reviewing products is definitely one of my favorite things to do. 

Recently, I received every flavor of coconutter Sweet Spreads


The flavors? Maple Pancake. Dark Chocolate Mint. Chocolate Brownie. Vanilla Cupcake. Cinnamon Role. White Chocolate.

The best way to use this coconut butter with delicious flavors? Pancakes. Toast. Pretty much anything.

For me? I’ve already been making protein bars with the maple pancake flavor.


Talk about wonderful flavors! Check Sweet Spreads out…and find them on instagram @sweetspreads.

And, as for The 3 Nuts

A lovely company of 3 girls living in NY who created nut butter together. We connected right away, and they sent my almond butter and coconut cashew butter. They are thick, kind of crunchy, and full of flavor. My favorite is the coconut cashew, of course.

Their mission?? “Indulge your inner nut!”

The 3 Nuts are nut butter lovers and makers from New York. We make artisanal nut butters in a variety of innovative flavors. Our food philosophy is to create full-flavored products using as few ingredients as possible. We like to consider ourselves an all-natural indulgence. We truly believe in our brand, and hope you do too!


Check out their flavors here and you can find them on IG too @the3nuts.

Don’t worry; they’ve got peanut butter too—even cookie dough! They even have a link to suggest your own flavor. What’s better than that?!

Live in NY? You can find them at some local farmer’s markets…

Indoor Brooklyn Flea + Smorgasburg
Every Saturday and Sunday, 10am-6pm
80 North 5th Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn

Huntington Winter Farmers Market
Select Sundays, 10am-2pm
155 Lowndes Avenue, Hutington Station


And, besides the delicious products I mentioned above, I am encouraged by this quote by Shauna Niequist. I printed int out and soon it will be on my wall…


Be present where you are. Delight in God’s joy. Eat an extra piece of dark chocolate.

We were made to rest. Today, I’m reminding myself of that.


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