P28. Peanut Butter. Protein.

What’s better than peanut butter?

(Almond butter and every other nut butter of course)

But, beyond that…

What’s better than normal peanut butter?

Peanut butter with delicious flavors.

And, peanut butter with whey protein in it.

That’s a dream for an athlete.

Meet P28: High Protein Peanut Butter.


They sent me their regular peanut butter and their signature peanut butter with sunflower seeds, cranberries, and cinnamon. So good.

I decided to make coffee peanut butter banana protein bars. Basically, I mixed Marley Coffee Raw Protein from my nutrition sponsor, Garden of Life (It’s the best), with a little vanilla agave, P28, and a few bananas. 

The bars are now cut and in the freezer for dessert. 

But, more than making protein peanut butter, P28 makes a bunch of high protein foods (like breads, bagels, and flatbreads). While I’m not much of a bread eater unless something really looks good (like my Iggy’s cinnamon pecan raisin bread from Whole Foods). Beautifully simple ingredients. Since peanut butter doesn’t settle in my stomach too well (I rarely eat it anymore), I think sometime I’ll have to try their almond butter. But, their signature blend tastes delicious. And, it’s great for peanut butter + protein lovers!Image

Want to shop online?

Check them out here.

Peanut Butter + Whey = P28.

While P28 caters to fitness gurus, gym rats, and fitness competitors, I think all athletes and runners can benefit from some extra peanut butter and protein. While I don’t eat peanut butter often, I think this company combines PB and protein incredibly well and they are so worth looking into for those that love peanut butter. As for me, I’ll continue to love almond butter by the spoon. (P.S. They do make almond butter too.)

Happy Peanut Butter Day (not really, but…every day is a nut butter day for me)


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