Celebrating Tiredness + NY Half

The short version: LA Marathon…Mammoth…Off to New York. 

I left for NY last Thursday and I raced the NY Half on Sunday.

After long flights, a cancelled flight in San Francisco…to a spur of the moment trip down to LA + APU for the night, then back home to Mammoth. I am home…tired…and so full of life.

Right before I left for New York, I received my first shipment from Garden of Life, my new nutrition sponsor:


I spent a weekend in LA with teammates and my boyfriend, Seth…celebrating the LA Marathon, watching my teammates run fast, and enjoying being an official Asics athlete. We are pretty excited to be ASICS Mammoth Track Club. 

Then, after barely unpacking my bags, I took off to NY, my first time racing in such a competitive half. 

A long day of travel finally ended up at the Sheraton Times Square Hotel at midnight.

A little sleep…then a gorgeous run in Central Park.

The days before and after my race? Spent at this place of course….


Yes, Whole Foods every day. For a foodie like me, Whole Foods is one of my favorite places. This Whole Foods was crazy, packed, and wonderful in a crazy way. 



And, even though I’ve been to New York before, after leaving in a peaceful + quite mountain town, it put me in a bit of a culture shock.



NYRR does an absolutely incredible job of hosting. From catered breakfasts and lunches from Whole Foods, to an excellent technical meeting, and providing instructions from travel to race day, I felt incredible blessed and thankful to race with a great group of athletes from all over. One of the most enjoyable things about running professionally is the small group of elite runners. The small group makes it feel familiar and like family. We’re all human. We all get out and train where we train. We all have pre-race day shake out runs and picky breakfast needs of oatmeal or rice or bananas. Sometimes as a runner, it’s easy to feel like we’re a bit strange and a different breed. But, when you get to a race like NY Half and race with other professionals, you realize you’re all the same. It’s a beautiful thing. I love seeing God manifest His creativeness through different runners, through how He has made us capable to do so much and compete at a high level. 

Race day came, and the wind chill made it feel much colder than 30 degrees. Racing in buns doesn’t necessarily make you feel warm either. First 5 miles were hilly through central park, then we made out way through Times Square and down into the city. Such a cool feeling to run through an empty Times Square. I executed my race well and God gave me strength to run fast (and also to be cold for 13.1). Thankfully, I ran stride for stride with Esther Erb, who has become a friend. And, after, we joined up with some other girls to cool down…then off to a delicious lunch at Le Pain Quotidien: my favorite restaurant. French bakery. Yes. Please. Dinner was with some friends, the LeFraks, and Meb, at a really good Mexican restaurant. It was a packed day that left me feeling so blessed and happy to be running full time. I get to do what I love for God’s glory. I get to represent a great team. And, I get to compete in a beautiful sport.

While I had hoped to run faster and was fit to do so, I am confident in the race God blessed me with. It was an incredible opportunity, a fun trip, and adventure.

And, it didn’t end there.

My morning to fly back to Mammoth included a taxi, an airtrain to the Newark Airport in New Jersey, a 6 hour flight to SF, …and then…I panicked. I was going to miss my flight. But, not to worry: it was cancelled. So, I spent a few hours at customer service, making many phone calls, reclaiming my bag, and re-checking in. The beautiful thing about it?

A trip to LA to spend the night with one of my best friends, Katelyn. 

Frozen yogurt at 10pm.

Crazy LA Traffic.

An early morning Classic Coffee date with Bethany Nickless.

Back in LA Traffic.


I am Home.

I am Tried.

And, I am celebrating tiredness. It’s the kind of tiredness that reminds me I serve a God that delights in me finding joy in the gifts He has given me. This weekend, it was a gift of racing with an incredible field, and an unexpected night of spontaneous fun with Katelyn. I’ve never loved missing a flight so much.




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