One Word: RAW.

This is a Raw themed blog post today.


Raw Revolution kindly sent me a ten pack of Raw Revolution Organic Bars to test, try, and review.

My mouth fell in love when I looked at all the flavors. Melt in my mouth. Heavenliness. I mean…check it out. Don’t you agree…


 I am most excited to try the Chocolate Coconut Bliss…


Golden Cashew…


And, Spirulina Dream…


Raw Revolution is a pretty awesome company for a foodie like me. I try to fuel my body with raw, organic, and whole foods with simple ingredients. Raw Revolution hits all of these!

Raw Revolution started in Alice Benedetto’s (a natural food chef + nurse) home. When she started creating healthy snacks for her family, she came up with simple bars that people loved. Alice + Dave (her husband) now own and produce their bars out of their family owned factory outside of New York City.

So, what makes them special?

No GMOS. Tons of nutrients. Vegan. Little Processing.

This company is Raw. Delicious. And, stay tuned for my rave reviews on how incredible these taste.

On another note, I am so excited to announce that Garden of Life is going to partner with me as I pursue my passion to run for Christ , to be competitive on the roads, and pursue the best career I can have!

I have tried their delicious and raw protein packed protein powders, but am thrilled to also try all their other RAW products.


We leave for LA tomorrow to cheer on our teammates at the ASICS LA Marathon! Watch out for ASICS MTC. 

And, a beautiful reminder today: Jeremiah 31:3

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued by faithfulness to you.”

Growing up in a non-denominational Christian church, I didn’t learn much about practicing lent. But, in my time at APU, I grew to love and cherish the tradition of lent: preparing for Easter. Many people give things up and others take things up. I always debate. And, this year, I am going to try to not worry so much about running and how workouts go. It’s a challenge for me. Since running is my job and something I am passionate about, I am my toughest critic. But, I believe God made me a runner and gives me the strength to compete, to race, to run daily, to do workouts…so I have nothing to worry about. So, this year, I’m praying that God would give me the confidence to put my trust in him and him alone. He loves me + you with an everlasting love.



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