The Pure Bar.

I have been very excited to write a post on “The Pure Bar.”


I have been eating Pure Bar for a few years. The Pure Bar kindly sent a box of bars for me to review on here! Thanks Pure Bar!

Veronica Bosgraaf started “The Pure Bar” after taking her sweet 6 year old daughter to the petting zoo who connected the animals she adored to what she was eating at the table; at 6 she decided to become a vegetarian. Veronica decided this was a unique opportunity to explore healthy eating options and vegetarian options with her daughter. When they found that there weren’t many options at the grocery store, they came up with Pure Bar.

“Our requirements were stiff. We would only use real ingredients, organic fruits and healthy nuts untouched by harmful herbicides and pesticides. No refined sugars, no chemicals, no genetically-modified stuff. We wanted ingredients rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3 fats. Most importantly, it had to taste amazing…”-The Pure Bar.

Their Mission? Live Purely, live happy.

Some FAQ’s posted from The Pure Bar website:


Pure Bar FAQ

How are Pure Bars different than other snack or energy bars?

These aren’t your average wrapped snack bars. Mouth-watering Pure Bars boast ingredients like antioxidant-loaded fruits and heart-healthy nuts in a vegan and certified gluten-free bar. Pure Organic bars use only certified organic ingredients. Our bars have between 3-5 grams of fiber and 5-7 grams of protein, making them a wise weapon in the fight against munchies. You get all of this in a delicious, cold processed bar.

Are Pure Bars gluten-free?

Yes. Pure Bars are certified gluten-free. We use no wheat or wheat family products in our bar. (The facility where our bars are processed is not wheat-free, but contamination is virtually impossible given the measure of cleanliness required by organic standards).

Are Pure Bars Non–GMO ?

We believe that science belongs in the lab, not in your food. That’s why we are proud members of the Non-GMO Project. All of our bars are certified free of genetically modified ingredients; giving you peace of mind that your food is exactly the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

Are Pure Bars organic?

Absolutely. Unlike Larabar and other bars, all Pure Bars are Certified Organic, which means 95% of our ingredients are organic. Using organic fruit and nuts means that our ingredients are free of pesticides and herbicides. Buying organic also keeps the planet cleaner, so your tummy and taste buds aren’t the only beneficiaries.

Are Pure Bars certified Kosher?

Absolutely! All of our Pure bars are certified Kosher, and are still dairy-free. The reason why we have the Kosher OUD symbol on Pure Bars is because the production facility is certified Kosher OUD so they can also process other products which contain dairy. However, Pure bars have always been and still are dairy free.

Are Pure Bars Heated?

Pure Organic Bars are convenient bits of certified organic goodness that are cold processed and ready to go when you are. We are committed to choosing wholesome fruits and nuts to create a nutritionally-balanced snack. We never heat our ingredients, just perfectly blended to create exceptionally tasty treats.

What is agave nectar?

Agave nectar is sourced from the sap of succulents by the same name (plants that resemble cactus or yuccas), and the taste is similar to honey. It’s a low-glycemic ingredient that adds moisture and natural sweetness to foods without significantly raising your blood sugar. The agave nectar that we use in our Pure bars is certified organic and minimally processed. It is never heated above 118 degrees. We consciously chose agave nectar because it’s just better for you.


Basically, I really really like Pure Bar. Their bars are delicious and packed with very few ingredients that are tasty and great for you!

They have Fruit and Nut bars….



These are packed with a good amount of protein and fiber. I’ve had the banana coconut bar many times.

Nutrition Facts:

6 grams of Protein

4 grams of Dietary Fiber

25 grams of Carbs

9 grams total Fat

Ingredients: Dates, Agave Nectar, Cashew Butter, Brown Rice Protein, Walnuts, Almonds, Bananas, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour.

They also have Ancient Grain Bars…lots of seeds and nuts. And, kinda chewy!


Packed with Flax, Quinoa, Amaranth, and Hemp.

Don’t worry; you can even get your chocolate fix with Pure Bar!



And, since I am a really big fan of cashews and coconut, I can’t wait to try this flavor:


Make sure to check out their fruit strips and fruit sandwiches as well. Thanks Pure Bar for making delicious bars packed with nutrition that I love to eat. Certified Gluten Free and GMO free; your taste buds will fall in love with Pure Bar.

They are perfect for snacks, an on-the-go breakfast or dessert. Check them out!



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