Houston Half Champs: Why I’m not Racing.

I’ve prepared well for the Houston Half Champs and my fitness has grown leaps and bounds since joining Mammoth Track Club back in June. It has a been a blessing, lots of learning, and growing excitement for my running career. 

I am the fittest I’ve ever been, and very ready to run another PR in the Half at the Houston Half Champs this weekend. After a great 10 day break off from my first season, I came back to Mammoth where sickness was every where. As hard as I tried to stay well rested and healthy, I got sick about a week ago and have progressively gotten worse, despite lots of rest. 

It’s always sad and hard to not race something you feel so ready for. And, I would be racing with teammates. However, for the longevity of my career and my end goal of a fast Spring Marathon debut, not racing this weekend is the best decision. I am bummed and disappointed, but also at peace and that there is a time and place for everything. 

Ecclesiastes 3 comes to mind and replays over and over.


So for now, I am resting in bed with lots of green tea + honey.

And, enjoying my Puffs tissues.

I trust God has a time and a place, even when it comes to races, so as I walk with him, I will hold His hand and trust.


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