Picky Bars + Community.

When it comes to food, I love whole foods. Most protein bars are packed with lots of things you don’t need in your body. With the exception of Larabar or Vega, most bars don’t look too appetizing to me. Then, Picky Bars came to the rescue. One of the reasons I love Picky Bars.

They are a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. Perfect for runners. Organic. Vegan. Gluten-Free. Packed with wonderfulness. (like chocolate, coffee, and almond butter. How could I not love these?)



I love the Smooth Caffeinator, but I also love one of their new flavors: Runner’s High.


My mom knows my love for Picky Bars and got me a box for Christmas.

You can ever join the Picky Bar club here.

A few brilliant minds included these: Lauren Fleshman and Steph Rothstein-Bruce (They’re a couple of talented ladies), as well as Lauren’s husband, Jesse. 

Anyways, check out Picky Bars; they’re pretty much the best.

On another note, last night my teammate and I had a Bible Study at the Cox’s. Spent time talking over soup, crackers + cheese, and a massive kale salad. After lots of time talking about running, we talked about how we could form a community, how we could do church, and what we were going to study. Really excited to start studying the Word with some close friends. Community is so needed. So necessary. And lately, for me, so missed. Answer to prayer for a group of people I can do life with and study the Word with.

And good quote by Bob Goff. It’s this simple:



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