Cashew Cookies + Repeating.

My mom loves when I write…and she asked me to post again. I said I would. Sometimes, I take breaks from my blog. More so, I write my thoughts and prayers in my journal rather than online. It helps me to process…to be really honest…to ask God to help me trust him more.

My Thanksgiving was wonderful, and it has been great to get back to Mammoth to train. However, it’s also lonely here. While I was happy to start running and training again, I immediately felt homesick. This is why…


And, my much needed break during Thanksgiving gave me some wonderful time with my “home team.” It just wasn’t long enough. Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to Christmas, for being home, for seeing my family, my boyfriend, and his family. I have a wonderful “home team.” Spending time with them fuels what I do day-to-day: running for God’s glory, to use my gifts to further His kingdom, to be reminded that this will not be easy, but I’m not doing it alone. Living in Mammoth is a blessing, but it’s not easy for a homebody like me. I am really thankful God created us for relationship. And, to my sweet friends that I stay in touch with over Facebook, letters, and many Facetime/phone conversations: thank you. Thank you for encouraging me as I pursue the dreams God has given me. You remind me that I am doing this for a purpose, that I was created to run, that I am furthering God’s purposes. I am so thankful I have a wonderful team of people behind me cheering me on.

I have to say, Mammoth is incredibly beautiful. It’s beautiful in the summer. But, In the winter, it’s a different kind of beauty. I freeze most of my runs, and I am still adapting to running in colder weather. But, it’s a spectacular masterpiece of God’s creativity. The mountains dusted and painted with snow are pretty magnificent. Image


Cashew Cookies:

1 Cup Roasted Cashews
1 Cup Pitted Dates
2 TBS. Almond Butter
2 TBS. Unsweetened Coconut
Easy. I promise.
Pulse cashews to butter consistency.
Pulse dates to paste consistency.
Mix cashew butter, date paste, almond butter, and coconut together.
Shape into cookies.
Magic in your mouth.
Store in fridge.
More than a few tears this week. I used to say…I don’t really cry. 
Or, Sometimes I’m sad, but I’m not one for being super emotional.
I’m going to take that back.
This week, I cried. I had moments of encouragement and peace…
And, moments of being sad, of missing home, of wondering what God’s purpose is for me. And, it’s this: To love him. To love His people.
He never said it would be easy. He just calls me to follow him.
We say, in running, doing it over and over again: the same routine, building mileage, eating, sleeping, running, resting, running again, sleeping. repeat. repeat. repeat…is what breeds success.
And, what if I applied that philosophy to my walk with Christ…to trusting him, to surrendering, to praising, to listening, to walking with him…repeat. repeat. repeat.
I want my life to be on repeat: Repeating God’s love. Every day. The words I say. The actions I do. I want to speak God’s heart to people and repeat: you are worth it. You were created for a purpose. And, His plans for you are extraordinary.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

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