Writing, Oats, and Love.

I’ve shared this quote before…but it is fitting for this post:
Amen. Amen. Amen.
This past week, I have made decisions, prayed, and prayed some more.
As much as I have loved working at Black Velvet Coffee, it was a short and sweet period. My boss graciously understood as we talked about my priorities, of what things come first for me. And, I felt confident in my decision. I told him right now running is my full-time job. Along with that, seeing my family, boyfriend, and people that pour into my life (and I into theirs) is a priority. 
Knowing God would provide, I got home and got a sweet email from Katie, an editor for The Active Times.
And, to make the story short, I will be writing a weekly running article from an elite’s perspective once a week, so be on the look out! Here is my first article on Winter Training: http://www.theactivetimes.com/5-tips-winter-running
You can also click on my picture to read my bio.
Sometimes God answers prayers quickly. Other times, it feels like a miracle. I am walking in faith with him. As I have been praying for a certain church to re-start their night service, I decided to try to get in touch with the pastor. A sweet friend of mine who goes to the church contacted their pastor. In her surprise, he said I was not the only one that wants a night service; it is a request of many, and soon, a service will be starting again. It is a complete answer to prayer! In listening to the Lord, I felt like I needed to keep asking. I miss going to church, and I am really excited for service to start up again!
And, an updated on running: It is going so well. I am fitter than I have ever been, and excited to race the US 12k Championships soon in Alexandria, VA. Excited to have some of my teammates there, as well as run for God’s glory. And, I am thankful for my coach, Andrew Kastor, who has been coaching me the past few months; we have a pretty great team. I’m lucky to be a part of Mammoth Track Club. There’s a reason I had a heart to go into Sports Ministry. God’s plans are bigger than mine!
Peaceful Mono Lake…
Lastly, my mom is the best. She sent me a sweet care package with some of my very favorite things. 
And, I made some gluten-free chocolate chip walnut and almond cookies…
Stay tuned: Tomorrow I will be reviewing Bobo’s Oat Bars!

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