Stacie Stine: Reasons I love you, admire you, and look up to you.

Stacie Stine.

We met Freshman year at APU. You lived in my best friend’s hall: Trinity 5th South; I lived in Trinity 3rd North.

You are creative, artistic, and full of life.

We never went to coffee, or hung out, or even spent time together.

But, this past year, you breathed life and encouragement to me.

I saw that you too, were a Resident Director.

As I read your blog on being an RD, I felt relieved: someone I can relate to, someone that knows how hard this job is, how humbling it is, how life changing it is: for you, for your residents.

This post, by Stacie, is one I cherish, one that brought me so much peace: Vocationism: Grace in the Workplace.

Stacie, you are the Hall Director that I wish I could have been.

You are welcoming, loving, warm.

You are silly and comforting. You are an open book. You and Brett together have opened your lives to a bunch of college students that are learning, growing, hurting.

You are relatable, vulnerable, full of personality.

You are timeless.

More than that, your love for the Lord shines in how you and Brett live.

I admire that you and Brett dated for 2 years long distance. That’s patience and love and endurance.

I admire that you are venturing on your first few years of marriage living in a college dorm.

I love that you are genuine and real on every aspect of your life.

I love that you encourage and speak words of life by blog posts.

And, Stacie, I too wonder what it would be like if we switched lives for a bit.

I think I would maybe fail miserably at being the wonderful Hall Director that you are. 

More than anything, I really wish we could have coffee once a week: you and I are coffee shop go-ers and blog writers. And, I think that in many ways, we encourage each other.

Thank you Stacie for sweet encouragement from afar.

Brett and Stacie on their wedding day.




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