Books. Bears. Blackberry Bars.

I had a lot of time on my hands today.

Today I had the day off running, didn’t work, and I was wide awake at 6am.

Also, it’s my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Diane!! šŸ™‚

After a sleepy morning filled with reading, iced coconut coffee, and gear review writing, my roommate and I ventured out in the 30 degree weather to the store. We took our time and visited the local book store.

I found one of my favorite author’s books…that I have yet to read.


I read Nicholas Sparks books for pure enjoyment. Easy and restful reading. Perfect for traveling to races, for sleepy days like today, or to read before I go to bed. Sadly, the movies never even compare, but reading is much better anyways.

While I was working on some more writing, I heard scratching outside at the tree. Meaning: BEAR. I ran over to the door and peaked out. Then, I squealed with excitement when I saw two cubs walking around below. I told the mama bear to be careful as she climbed the tree.

Soon, the bear whisperer, Steve Searles, was outside shooing the baby bears up the tree. He disciplines them now, so that when they grow up, they will be more likely to listen to him.

But, the moral of this story: I got to see fluffy bears in my backyard.


Lastly, I decided to make some vegan blackberry bars to have for breakfast. Oats are my favorite breakfast food, but I decided I wanted to shake it up a bit. Soon, I will also be doing a blog review on Bobo’s Oat Bars. They are graciously sending me some bars to promote how delicious they are and review them on my blog! I am so excited.


Alright, back the bars.

My own Vegan Bliss Blackberry Bars.




1/2 cup pitted dates

1 cup 5-Grain Bob Mill’s Oats ground

1 cup 5-Grain Bob Mill’s Oats whole

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

1/2 cup Local or Organic Honey

1/4 cup Raw Almond Butter

pinch o’ salt

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup pumpkin seeds

Mix above ingredients. Pat down 3/4s of mixture in a 8 x 8 pan (greased with coconut butter or earth balance)

Now, grab your favorite 12 oz. jar of jam. Mine happens to be blackberry.

Spread evenly over mixture.

Evenly top the jam with the rest of the mixture. I added some hemp seeds for an extra crunch.

Bake for 25 minutes at 350. Cool completely before cutting.





Lastly, I started a new read-through-the Bible plan.

Remember, on the seventh day, God rested. Genesis 2:2.

On that note, bears are getting ready to rest and hibernate for the winter.

Bears know how to rest. We should learn from them.


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