Tears and Purpose.

But I have also long held the belief that one’s tears are a guide, that when something makes you cry, it means something. If we pay attention to our tears, they’ll show us something about ourselves. Against my preferences, watching people cross marathon finish lines makes me cry. Crazy, deep, ugly cry. Specifically, watching average-looking people cross marathon finish lines makes me cry. Professionals who finish in two hours are amazing, but it doesn’t move me the same way. And not all physical feats move me like marathons do. I don’t cry when I watch the Olympics or the Super Bowl. there’s a thing I have with marathons.- Shauna Niequist, Bread and Wine

I cried after I finished my half. Excited. Happy. Relieved. I’m officially qualified. 

I might also be the opposite of Shauna on the above. As soon as I finished my half, I thought…I wonder how my teammates did. How did JB finish in his marathon? How is Lauren feeling? How did Bria do? What was Gebre’s place? 

Only elite runners know the hours of training, running, and time that goes into prep for running a marathon close to 2 or 2:10.

It’s incredible.

So, when the hard work pays off, it’s a masterpiece, a beautiful piece of art, the most incredible dance of doing what we love and working so hard at it.

This is what God created me to do.

And, after my half on Sunday, I spent a day resting with my family.

Jeremiah 31:25

I’ll refresh tired bodies.

I’ll restore tired souls.

At the Kastor’s last night, JB and I talked about our races. A sweet friend that was there asked, “What did you eat after?” JB had a huge grin and said, “I was craving a burger.” Then she turned to me and asked the same. I just smiled and told her: coffee with my family. Always coffee.

Do what you are passionate about.

Make time for it.

Maybe God made you a painter, a musician, a scientist, a desire to be a mom, a cook.

Whatever it is, do it.

God made you talented, unique, and wired for a specific purpose. For a purpose to further His kingdom with it.


Race Director, Rich Hanna, and I post-race.


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