Dad: The many things I love about him.

It’s my dad’s birthday.

And, the many things I love about him would be too many to list, so I’ll list just a few.


He’s my favorite man to get coffee with…Peet’s is the usual.


He has raised me to come and know the Lord in a sweet way. 

He has the biggest servant’s heart; it never seizes to amaze me how he serves others without recognition. 


He’s lived out the kind of marriage Christ calls us to: full of love and selfless.



He models His faith by living it out.

He fixes ALL things. Not only is he a carpenter, but a handy man…and a manly man. I love my dad.

I love that during a conversation on a different topic, he will pause and talk about wanting a car part.

I love that he chooses his words wisely.

I love that he puts up with my mom and I when we giggle uncontrollably; he just smiles.

I love that he reads the Word before he sleeps.

I love that he brings my mom and I chocolate for the nights we both want it and none is in the house.

I love that every Valentine’s Day, I’m his valentine; he always gives me a carton whoppers. It’s tradition.

And, I love that today is his birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! I couldn’t ever ask for a better dad. I’m so happy to spend your day with you!!!



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