Cozy Coffee and Home.

I know, I keep talking about it.

I am ecstatic to go home.

I really love Mammoth and I love living here, but I really can’t wait to spend time with my family and go home.

I’m on the count down: Tomorrow night.

A list of unique things I love about home:

We have coffee and breakfast together in the morning.

I love the weekends, especially, because my dad is usually up first, meaning the coffee is already made. If not, I’m usually the coffee maker. And, we have cupfuls of warm deliciousness. My dad and I love ours black, my mom loves a little cream, and my brother usually gets a latte or tea from Peet’s in the a.m.

This is a motto at home…

Along with coffee, every weekend my parents cycle and usually I have a long run. And, my brother is usually working at Peet’s. I love finishing a long run and meeting my parents for coffee after their ride at Peet’s. Family reunions happen at Peet’s pretty much every weekend. There’s no rush. Iced coffee refills. Laughing. Sharing stories. Loving spending time together.
My parents talk about what they are learning in the Word. And, my mom does devotions in the morning at the table like I do.
Dinner happens at one of this place almost every Friday night.
My mom gives the best hugs in the world and she’s my absolute best friend.
I could list lots and lots more. Right now, I have to get ready to tempo!
Live joyfully today and listen to Gungor’s new cd: I am Mountain.

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