Honesty, Mimis Cookie Bar, and Fall.

Solid workout at Round Valley in Bishop. 8 x 1k with a short rest. So fun and fast. And, it’s great to do it with my team and coach by my side, and Deena as our cheerleader today. God’s strength fuels me..on long runs..on workouts..on easy runs. And, as I looked out at the mountains in between kilos…I marveled at snowy tops and gorgeous mountains.

I went into work and dialed into my machine (the term used to describe pulling good shots; everyone has a different “tamp,” so tinkering around and adjusting the machine is the start of every shift.) I dialed in on my first shot and decaf shot, which is always a relief.

One of my first customers was a sweet girl that comes in once in a while. She had ordered a shot of espresso and banana bread. As I started to pull my espresso and tamp, I put the portafilter in, and asked her how her day was going.

She had a sad expression and with a genuine honesty she said, “It’s not good.”

I told her I was sorry and that espresso and banana bread was a good choice.

Then, I said what I really wanted to say, “I love that you’re honest. Really, I love your honesty.”

Wow, someone that’s real. And genuine. And honest. 

Am I usually that honest?

Her expression turned to a slight smile, and she took her espresso and banana bread to a table in the corner.

I started to think…

God desires that honest. In us. In community. With friends. With strangers.

It was a beautiful moment for me. It took me back to my hardest time in college, where I started to tell people how I was really doing. Instead of saying “Great” or “Good,” I would say, “I’m not doing the best, but God’s teaching me a lot.” Or, I would break down and cry. Not just crying, actually…sobbing. I shocked a few strangers. God shaped me through my brokenness, through genuine answers, through prayer, through talking about hard things.

So today, I was reminded: God wants us to be honest with him, with others, with strangers…all the time.

And, after a beautiful second run through Shady, I stopped in at Mimi’s Cookie Bar.

Mimi herself was working. I’m a big fan of what her and her (new) husband do. So, I’m ok with the pricey and delicate vegan and gluten free cookies and treats, all homemade, all made with love. Mimi’s is the best!

Cookies below: Gluten Free Vegan Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookie, Gluten Free Vegan Chubby Dougie (a snickerdoodle with frosting)…and Espresso Vanilla Bean Almond Butter: does it get any better?

And, the pumpkin flavor in my mouth made me so happy that it’s FALL.



Not only do they use all organic and natural products, but you can also create your own cookies! And, they do weddings. I chatted with Mimi: she and her husband baked all the goodies for their wedding. Here are some pics, courtesy of Mimi’s Cookie Bar website. And, if you’re ever in Mammoth: please visit.




Also…here are a few favorites: (of her many delicious cookies)



So, if you’re loving the above pics of deliciousness, you should definitely check out Mimi’s. 

And, on another note, when someone asks how you’re doing: be genuine.


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