Eats: What’s in my Kitchen.

I’m passionate about nutrition. I love to learn more about my body, what will fuel it better. But, lets face it: you have to love what you eat. So, I’ve dedicated lots of personal time and research to finding what I love best and what works best for my training, running, and body. And, I love what I eat.

So, I thought I’d give you a peak into the things I love to eat and what’s in my kitchen.

1. Oats: I love overnight crock pot oatmeal before every run! Some carbs and a little protein.

2. Toddy: Cold brew coffee. It’s another must before I run. Cold brew is also low in acidity (we rave that it has none), so it’s easier on my stomach and I still get a coffee kick!

3. Dried fruits and nuts: Great fuel that gets added to my meals and also as a snack!

4. Organic Greek Yogurt: I usually buy 0% and plain, then I add local honey and nuts or pumpkin seeds.

5. Almond milk: I’m always stocked. I love it in iced coffee or oatmeal.

6. Local Squash: It’s the season. Plus, Deena gave us patty cake squash the other day. It’s a fun name. And, it tastes good!

7. Mushrooms: It’s a meaty vegetable. I love mushrooms a lot; I eat them daily!

8. Local Kale: I rave about it. I love to have it everyday. It’s my favorite vegetable and one of my favorite foods.

9. Organic eggs: Love sunny side-up eggs…especially on kale.

10. Tuna: Fish. So good. High in protein. High in B vitamins too…and plenty of other nutrients.

11. Grass Fed Red meat: Iron. Iron. Iron.

12. Local cheese and salami (plus almonds, olives, and figs): From Bleu Handcrafted Foods in Mammoth. It’s a new favorite discovery.

13. Almond Butter: It’s probably something I can’t live without (in the food category of course).

14. Raw and Vegan Bars: Larabar. Macrobar. Vega.

15. Dark Chocolate: Need I say more? The darker and higher in cocoa, the better.

16. Sweet Potatoes: The absolute best.

Have a blessed week!! 🙂


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