Reclaiming runs. Search and Rescue. Raw Truffles.

In my attempt to get some work done, it approached 8pm, which is close to 9, which is close to my bed time.

After 17 miles on the day, including a big workout, plus work and a gym session, writing sounds better.

Firstly, let me tell you about this…


I work at a wonderful coffee shop. By far the best in town. I mean, by far.

But, Looney Bean, has these “Search and Rescue” bars. They are magical. Inches high. Heaven in your mouth.

So worth it. They’re so massive; they take me days to eat.

Anyways, that’s not why I’m blogging. This morning I had a long tempo out at Round Valley, near Bishop. The last time I ran there, it was deathly hot, no shade, only pavement. Dehydrated and exhausted, I only ran 15.5 instead of 18 for my long run.

Today, after being sick a week, Round Valley and I met again.

By God’s strength, I ran a solid tempo.

For my afternoon run, I headed to the gym, did a gym session, then took a trail home, looping back on the last trail I ran on before getting pretty sick.

It was a beautiful and enjoyable run.

Then it came to me. I am totally reclaiming these runs.

In college, my roommates and I would reclaim restaurants. You laugh, but I’m serious.

Any time one of girls went on a not-so-great-date to a beloved frozen yogurt shop or favorite restaurant…or even a coffee shop, she would return and say, “Well, we’ll have to go back there, because I need to reclaim that spot. I loved that coffee shop, but now I have this terrible memory of a bad date and coffee I didn’t enjoy.” Actually, that’s not really what would be said, but we would laugh and say that we’d “reclaim” the place once loved to make a new memory there again, blocking out the awkwardness now attached to it.

So, as I reflected on the day, on God’s grace to give me strength to come back well, I realized, I reclaimed two runs in one day.

Then, something even better came to mind.

Jesus reclaims us daily.

He calls us back to His love, back to His arms, back to His rest, His peace…

No matter how far you drift from him. No many how many times you turn your back on him, or refuse to listen, or walk away from His grace, He will reclaim you.

I promise.

Jesus will reclaim you daily. And, if you don’t know, you’ve been reclaimed by the King. He’s captivated by you. He’s a jealous God in love with spending a lifetime and eternity with you. He’ll do anything it takes to reclaim you as His.

So, let that sweet message give you joy.

And, speaking of sweet…

Raw Truffles.

Perfect dessert.



12-16 pitted dates

1/5 cup agave nectar

1/4 cup nut butter

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1 piece of 80%+ dark chocolate chopped

  1. In a magic bullet pulse dates and agave until smooth.
  2. In a small bowl mix in nut butter with date mixture.
  3. Stir in pumpkin seeds and chopped piece of chocolate.
  4. Store in fridge.

Advice for the weekend: Rest in God’s grace. Be reclaimed by him. Reclaim a run…or friendship…or maybe a memory. And, enjoy raw truffles. Or, your favorite baked good from a local shop!


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