I need you.

It was a quiet night in our apartment, and Kelsey and I sat and talked about being tired, about the need for time in the Word, about slowing down. 

She and I sat by our lamp in our little family room. She confessed needing to journal more and pulled out Jesus Calling. I hadn’t heard of the book before. But, she said she loved it. And, she read that day’s encouragement.

And tears ran down my face. The desperate release I needed was realizing I needed more time with the Lord, time to slow down.


Moments like that, I won’t forget.

And, I won’t forget waiting for Maria to come home, because I needed to cry. I needed one of her hugs. I needed to sit on one of our small twin beds and cry. Or, to watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls and laugh. 

And, I won’t forget the times Kimmy would pray words of encouragement over me. Or, of course, when she baked gluten free banana bread at the perfect time. Her banana bread, for me, was healing.

Or, the times we would all be shuffling around our tiny kitchen, trying to cook at the same time. The fire alarm went off multiple times a week. 

And, our friendship became sisterhood. 

Then, we graduated. Life changed.

Somehow, all of APU community feels like family. You graduate = You miss APU. 

And, I am reminded often by people that life after college it’s different. Friends move all over. People start careers, get married, move away. I am told, college years are the best.

Why do we think we graduate from community? Why can’t we continue to be in our community in a different way, to take part in each other’s lives by plane trips, letters, phone calls…prayer, extra effort. In fact, why can’t it be even richer? I know that I serve a God that gave me three best friends to live with, who have stood by my side, and who will still stand by my side, even when we’re apart. 

I have this deep sense of fulfilled joy. I have a core of girls that are a lifeline to me. They are constant encouragement, hundreds of miles away, in different countries, some married, some single and loving it, some working hard, others traveling all over. 

The kind of sisterhood I had in college with my core four, I still need.

And, when I woke this morning, I had a sweet email from Kimmy in Turkey that in a million ways said: I need you.

And, Kimmy, I need you. I need you, Maria..and Kelsey. 


I miss you girls and I miss our time we had together, but I get so excited to see all God has for us, for our friendship, for marriages, new jobs, adventures, lives that are now spread out but intricately woven together.

When I chose you girls to live with, you took part of me, of my heart…and that won’t ever change.

Iced almond milk dirty chai, with a straw for you girls Kels and Kimmy.




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