God’s Voice.

God’s voice.

For me, it’s a sweet whisper. I hear God’s voice when I serve others. When I’m patient in His timing. When I’m joyful after a great workout. Or, sad and disappointed. I hear God’s voice when I see the vast Mammoth mountains. Or, busy LA streets. I hear His voice in daily conversations with my mom or best friend. Or, with someone far from the Lord. I hear His voice when I’m grinding espresso at the bar, or when I’m tying my shoes to go out on a second run. I heard His voice when He spoke through my coach to go to Nepal. I also heard His voice when He told me I was doing too much, when I needed to take a break. .

I heard His voice when I listen.

God is always speaking to us. He wants to be in a deep relationship with us, to walk along side us, to guide us. And, often times, we are just missing that He is speaking. We have to choose to hear.

“And like an echo, God often uses the repetitive events and themes in daily life to get my attention and draw me closer to himself.” – The Sacred Echo 
― Margaret Feinburg. 

Gungor’s new song: I am Mountain, reminds me to listen to God’s voice in daily life.


God’s voice is extravagant, deep, and graceful.

And, He calls for us to always listen.

So, as I start this new week, I am faithfully trusting in the Lord and listening for His voice. If you listen, you won’t miss it.



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