Brunch, Rest, Coconut Candles.


In a way, sickness is a blessing. It’s also a way I hear God’s voice: Lauren, slow down.

Today was filled with rest.

First, I had brunch with Seth before he left town. I’ll miss him a lot. But, we enjoyed brunch at Old New York Bagel Co. 


After he left, I rested ALL day. I was blessed to have a co-worker cover my shift, and I decided to really rest, to give my body a break, to do nothing.

I did however work on my blog. (So happy to finally have internet.)

I’ve created a new recipe page that I’ll be posting on frequently. 

Plus, I have some lovely pictures from today that are restful to me:


If you want the best smelling candles, shop at Anthropologie. This one is the Illume Boulangerie Jar. Absolutely beautiful. 


Journaling, writing, and spending time in God’s Word is my favorite part of every morning.


I LOVE raw and local honey. Raw and local products make up most of my diet. This honey is the best and added to all my oatmeal and greek yogurt. Or by the spoonful.

Stay tune tomorrow to hear about one of my new sponsors, Vega. And, sports nutrition!



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