Sailboats and Angry Customers.

“There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This season is about becoming. Don’t lose yourself at happy hour, but don’t lose yourself on the corporate ladder, either.” -Shauna Niequist.

Can I tell you how true this is?

I am in a season that is so full of God’s purpose…of him calling me to rely on him being away from my family and friends, doing sports ministry and also doing what I love and what God has gifted me with: running. But, I also sometimes feel a bit like a sailboat. I miss family and I miss my best friends, but I am in the most incredible season of trust and waves and wind; it’s teaching me to trust the Lord’s direction more than ever.

I bought the song “Sailboat” by Ben Rector. Look up the lyrics. I’ve been listening to it all morning. During my run. Now while I’m blogging. And, it reminds that in the waves, God calls me to trust. He is my sail. He is my direction. He will lead me.


On another topic, I love angry customers.

I realize now all that I learned working at Starbucks in LA.

I learned a different level of patience.

The kind of patience God calls us to every aspect of our life.

I learned from my co-worker, who didn’t know Christ, what it meant to love each and every customer. Bree still doesn’t know how much she taught me about God’s love. About being humble. About serving. Even though I told her, she doesn’t know that she taught me more about God’s grace than many people…and that she was written about in my favorite Bible paper.

Just two days ago, a gentleman came in and set down a cup, asking for three shots.

I explained that I could pull two or four.

“So…do you want me to pull four shots?”.. I asked smiling. Trying to be polite. Trying to be helpful.

His response: “Just do something.

Smiling I asked him how his day was. He looked away and said, “Just fine.”

In that moment, this peace came over me. I have the opportunity to treat him as he was treating me…or to smile and do my best to be positive. 

Then I realized…

I love angry customers.

I mean, seriously, I love them. 

It presents this opportunity to respond with God’s grace. If I am in tune to him, if I recognize the great chance I have…to show patience and love ..and grace.

Then, I realized something else.

Sometimes, I’m that angry customer with God.


I pray and say, “God, just do something.

And, in that moment, God’s grace and love and constant-ness is so present.

He smiles, then, tells me to trust him as the sail. He will direct. He will guide. He will lead. 

He is the sail.

But, He also controls the winds…and the waves.





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