God’s Goodness.

We talked about God’s goodness at church last night, how it overflows, how it pours out, how it continues to give.

So, when I woke up this morning, I prayed God’s goodness would overflow from my life, that the Lord would work in and through me. Such a good reminder to me as I settle in, that my purpose is to shine God’s grace.

I do miss my family. I also feel pretty disconnected to the outside world, but…it also allows me to be fully invested, to carry out the purpose and vision that the Lord has me here for. Over and over again, I am able to share that I am here to run professionally, and also…that I have a passion and love to do it for the Lord. My faith and run are closely woven together. My faith fuels me to run with the Lord’s intensity. I believe my Lord is powerful, brave, consistent, enduring, and grace giving: all that I need in running. All I need in my pursuit of running and hitting the Olympic “A” for the marathon is the Lord’s intense power, grace, and love. 

Good nutrition helps. Rest is necessary. Training well is important. But, I would not be running without the Lord’s grace and strength. I would not be “me” without the Lord’s Spirit. He is my fuel, my joy, my passion, my hope. 

Yesterday was a beautiful long run down Sherwin Creek. I was happy to have my graham cracker Cytomax when I finished. And, along the way, to have my coach supply me with a Cytomax workout drink. And, he encouraged me as I ran a consistent and warm long run. As I ran, most of it solo, I prayed the Lord would be my strength, that He would shine through me, that He would be all I need. 

Last night, a wonderful meal was cooked for me (steak, beets, rice)..and I made a kale salad. So delicious. Rewarding meal after a great day of training.

But, it got better with a night of worship and prayer, and talking about God’s Goodness. 

He is so so good.

Out of His goodness flows: mercy, grace, love. It gives and gives and gives.

My prayer this week? Lord, let me be a giver of your goodness.

This morning’s recovery run at Lake Mary (9000 feet)…

(Yes, I took pictures, but they aren’t up yet!) 




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