Filled to the brim with joy.

On top of that, Southern California feels more close to home than I ever expected.

But, this past week, I went “home.”

Yes, my family is home. My house is home.

My best friends are home.


The core four reunited this weekend.

A grad recruiter, nurse, elite runner and missionary. 

We’re all doing different things and living different places, but when we are together, we are at home…full of joy…united.

These girls are home to me. They’re my core.


We ate tons of yummy food. Had wine porch nights. Walked the streets of Pasadena. Laughed…and cried. It’s the norm when we are together. When we are together, I am reminded of God’s grace and of His faithfulness. He has provided me with the best group of girls in the world. And, in a year that has been challenging, they have stood by my side and encouraged me in prayer. While we aren’t together every day like we were in college (that was bliss), there is this new phase of joy. It’s extra effort to plan fun trips, reunite, catch up, pray. 

And, I’ll admit something I never ever though I’d admit. 

Going to Southern California feels like home.


I spent a day with Patrick, which was so fun and always brings me joy, ran the streets of Glendora and Azusa with a good friend and a college teammate, which I’ve really missed, traveled back and forth between Pasadena and Glendora, a familiar drive. I even felt like I was running at home running the streets of Pasadena; it was a joyful feeling.

One of the best things? Coming back from runs, greeted with coffee and breakfast with the girls I did life with in college.

And, seeing Kimmy. We cried when we all hugged each other.

And, I cried silently as I hugged her goodbye. 


Absolute joy.





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