Modifying Recipes.

I drove to Danville bright and early yesterday morning to visit my sweet friend, as a close as a sister, Katelyn.

It’s safe to say, we love each other like sisters too. Together, we have cried…laughed…shared life…talked for hours. And, while it’s not the same now that I’ve graduated and she’s still at APU, I am thankful she lives 2 hours away. Earlier this year, she visited me. So, it was my turn.


When I arrived, I chatted with her parents, who I have a special bond with too. They smiled when I came in and welcomed me. We sat in Katelyn’s room and caught up on life. They encouraged me, and her mom said, “You and Katelyn are sister’s from different mothers.” We laughed, because, it’s true.

We went to downtown Danville, walked around the cute farmer’s market, ate salads from Trader Joe’s at the park, then got delicious Blue Bottle iced coffee from a local restaurant. Please go. It’s delicious.

After a beautiful afternoon, we picked up ingredients for the “Green Well Salad” for a recipe from Shauna Niequist’s new book, Bread and Wine.

And, we decided to bake.

We decided on a delicious oat bar recipe, one I had made before.

After we were half way through making it, we realized we had no butter. I quickly said we could modify, which I had done countless times; I knew it would work.

Katelyn smiled…and said…

Ehhh I don’t know if that will work.

I said…

Yeah it will; trust me. I’ve done it many times. It’ll be good.

She finally gave in, but boldly said, “I don’t like this. Ahh, Lauren, I don’t like this. I always follow recipes precisely….”

Then came the words, “I trust you.”

Needless to say, they turned out great. But, that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

I have that same conversation with God. A lot.

He tells me to do something and I say…Ehhhh I don’t know about that.

Then, He says to trust him. It will work out. He’s done it before. He knows it’ll work.

So, I give in, and say, “Ok…because I trust you.”

And, I’m learning in life, sometimes it’s ok to modify recipes.

When is it ok?

When God asks me to, because I trust him.


Katelyn, thank you for enriching my life.

Thank you for trusting me enough to modify a recipe.

But, more than that, thank you for prayer…and love…and support.

Thank you for constantly encouraging me…

For calling me when you walk to your classes…

For telling me I can be indecisive…

For writing me letters…

For sharing in the same love of coffee, good food, good books, good movies…and most importantly,

Encouraging me as a sister in Christ.

Love you so much.

And, love that you live just 2 hours away. But, really, I’d fly anywhere to hang out with you!


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