This morning, a friend that coaches and is at the NAIA Outdoor Track Nationals text me and let me know I was still famous. He told me how he overheard a few runners talking about my blog, and how one mentioned she couldn’t read it all the time because I’m so optimistic.

When I read the text, I laughed.

Then I thought…I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

I am optimistic. But, when people mention they read my blog and that is sounds like I am doing “great,” I have to just smile.

It’s been a tough year for me.

Honestly…I’ve been stretched more than I expected.

Honestly…I’ve struggled to be positive.

Honestly…I’ve desperately prayed for God’s grace on me. I’ve failed to continuously find joy in him.

Writing is something I find joy in, especially expressing myself through writing. But, it’s also not my diary online. I struggle. I am human. I need grace. I have fallen short of joy this year. I have lay awake many nights in prayer, praying God would show me His Will for me.

Then, at Life Group, we talked about God’s Will.

God’s Will is that we love him and love people. His Will is that we find joy in Him, that our character reflects him.

And, as I sat and listened and thought…

I realized I’ve failed to do God’s Will so many times. 

So, my prayer today is that I walk joyfully with him. Through daily life. Through conversations. Through decisions. That I might reflect His joy.

And, speaking of joy. It’s my brother’s 21st. That brings me more joy that I can put into words. He’s near to my heart. And, I can’t wait to go hang out with him!

(I need an updated picture 🙂




One thought on “Honestly.

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with being optimistic. I’m so glad you can rise above any comments Lauren! I wish I could have your positivity! Keep doing what you’re doing lady 🙂

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