Dear, Graduates: I remember.

Dear Graduates of 2013,

I remember.

I remember what it felt like to stand in line with my best friends.

Anxious to walk across the stage.

Nerves running through my body.




I remember what it felt like to leave my home that I had made at APU.

I remember the tears I cried with my roommates when we started to pack our apartment up.

I remember the joy of finishing my last final.

I remember presenting my Senior Seminar paper. Relief. Sadness. Uncertainty.

I remember feeling unsure of what came next…of where I would work…of leaving my roommates.

And, I remember feeling very sure those had been the best four years of my life, the most growing years, the years God transformed and shaped my heart for people, for missions, for human justice. 

I was very sure that I graduated even my rooted in my faith, in my walk with the Lord, in my heart to learn.

I remember.

I remember the pressure of visiting with my parents and my friends…and other loved ones.

Pulled, tugged, anxious. 


Not ready.

Kind of ready.

Kind of not ready.

And, I needed someone to tell me it was “ok” to feel that way.

Thank you Shauna Niequist for giving the best commencement anyone could ever give to our class of 2012.

Dear Graduates,

It’s ok. 

It’s ok to be excited, scared, nervous, pulled, tugged, at peace, uncertain, joyful, sad.

It’s ok to love packing up your things.

And, to hate moving out.

It’s ok to miss your best friends.

And, to be happy for what’s next.

It’s ok to move to a new city and start fresh.

Or, to be back home and keep making steps forward. Or, sometimes backward.

It’s ok.


We serve a God who orchestrates our lives when we trust him.

When we tell him scared, He gives peace.

When we are unsure, He is absolutely certain.

When we feel far from the home we’ve made, He will always be home.

So, to you graduates who need permission. Who need to hear it’s ok.

It’s ok that this is one of the best moments of your life. And, one of the worst. One of the scariest, and one of the best.

It’s ok.






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