Today I skyped with Doug Dworak, Executive Director of Tiny Hands, and someone who has become a close friend.

God put Nepal on my heart my Junior year in college. After hearing Bishnu, Tiny Hands Nepali President, and Rhoman Goyenchea, a close friend who spent a few years working with Tiny Hands, spoke…God broke my heart for Nepal. For the people. For human trafficking. And, I followed that call to go, for 6 weeks.

But, now, it’s a life calling.

God is sneaky when He tells you 6 weeks, but He really means…well, a lot longer than that.

Check out this video of Rhoman sharing…

This video shaped my heart. Really, I could put myself in this video and say the same thing. Incredible to see how God has opened my eyes to life over in Nepal and India.

This video shows a clip on trafficking…

Please, please take time to watch it.

I can’t explain the beauty of the culture in words. But, there are some sweet pictures that bring life into my heart when I see them…like this one:




Samir was a street boy, addicted to glue and other hard drugs. He has experience more in life than most at the age of 9. He’s been abused, neglected, and abandoned. That was until he met Brian and Ruth who took him in. After accepting Christ, his life radically changed.
When I talked with Samir, one of his questions was, “What do you think God wants you to do with your life?”
Best conversation I’ve had with a 9 year-old…actually…with almost anyone. Ever.
I’ve never been so blown away or touched by someone in my life.
The Holy Spirit was so evident in Him…I can’t even explain the joy I saw in him and his eyes.
I could go on and on about my heart for Nepal.
But, that’s not all I want to say.
I believe God has created each of us for a purpose. A reason. Something beyond our wildest dreams. My heart and passion has always been to be a missionary..since I was 10.
Did I think God would give me a heart for trafficking and Nepal? No way.
Which is what makes me smile, because I know He will continue to surprise where He calls me to go and serve.
Don’t be afraid to follow the call God has put on your heart and life.
Don’t doubt that it’s bigger than you.
Way more than you can handle.
God puts us in places and spots that we need to desperately hang on to him.
So, walk in faith.
Pursue what God has made you passionate about and don’t doubt that He won’t equip you. He will, I promise.

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