Galatians 6:9. Sheep.

For some reason, this verse is on repeat in my mind.

I can’t grow weary of doing good.

Instead, I will have strength and endurance. Life post-college, can seem a bit frenzied and frantic. Or, is that just when we stop trusting God. When, in my words, we one-step him.

I have seen the more I am in the Word and in prayer, the more peace I feel. But, when I get overwhelmed and search for answers through my parents or close friends, I feel anxious. God is teaching me that He is the provider. He is the Lord of my life, the Creator of my heart, my shepherd. 

And, so, in the frantic craziness, I will rest and continue to desperately seek out God’s voice. I am sometimes do a terrible job at seeking His voice. I whisper prayers in my heart…or in moments of fear, cry and tell him I don’t understand. But, His voice is always the same, and the way He answers me is always the same. 

All He has called me to, is to follow him, like a sheep. 

Sheep aren’t very smart. 

They don’t make their own decisions.

But, they do know how to follow their shepherd.

They always follow their shepherd.

My prayers are becoming, Lord, please make me like a sheep. 



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