Sacred Echo.


Favorite trails. Favorite people.

Hayley and I love this trail. It’s near home, closer than the lake loop…and it’s beautiful.

I never feel short of blessings when I think of the places I have the pleasure of running places like here.

Margaret Feinberg, author of many books…including Organic God and Sacred Echowrote this:

“I call them sacred echoes because I noticed that throughout my relationships, daily life, and study, the same scripturally sound idea or phrase or word will keep reappearing until I can no longer avoid its presence.” 

Hearing God’s voice.

Many times, we say we can’t hear him. We can’t hear His voice or hear him speak. I think…

we don’t listen.

We are surrounded by noise, distractions, busy life…but God’s voice is peace.

And, we only hear it if we listen. If we slow down. If we try to hear him.

I have heard God’s voice speak in different ways in my life.

Through running. Through people. Through quietness.

But, more than anything, it’s when I seek him.

Please seek God’s voice and hear it. 

Please don’t miss the many promises He holds for you. It’s not a magic trick. Or a game. It’s a relationship.

He wants to sit and have coffee with you…and tell you…

you are His. you are loved. you are not alone.


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