Content with Discontent.


 I’m beginning to think that post-grad life includes being content with being a little uneasy, a little unsure…but also, filled with hope, excitement, ready for challenges.

For me, that’s how it’s been. And, the more I talk to good friends and post-grad friends and runners, the more I see it’s common, but it’s not talked about.

We like to graduate, have a job, move on to the next stage of life…settle in.

But, I think, it’s ok to be a bit uncomfortable, to be ok with asking lots of questions, with trying different churches, with seeking out where God is leading you.

So, if you’re feeling that way…



on the edge of your seat.

It’s ok.

I believe God created us to rely on him. That’s what He has taught me. He has taught me that in a stage where I’m figuring out post-grad life, it’s ok to ask lots of questions, to pray daily for direction, to ask him what I’m supposed to do with my life. And, I’ve come to a spot where I am listening to His voice …and trying my best to follow it. And, in a way, I’m content with being discontent, with feeling like at any moment, if I hear the Lord’s whisper to go somewhere, I will go in faith. For me, that’s new. I love to plan. I love to know what’s next. I love to map things out. But, suddenly, God has challenged me to see bigger than my plan, outside of my life planner. 

And, I feel like I’m on the brink of something new, of an exciting stage of my life…and I’m finally ok with not knowing what it looks like.

As I talk with some of my best friends (my mom included), I’m at peace with where God is taking me…leading me…sometimes pushing me…

To be ok with the uncomfortable.

And, it’s even more ok to be uncomfortable in the arms of grace, in the middle of God’s heart, in His plans. I have found that God hasn’t called us to walk with him on an easy road, but through a narrow cave, where faith is required.



2 thoughts on “Content with Discontent.

  1. Cort sent me your blog! and i just love this post. We talk about this kind of uneasy, unsure, overwhelmed/underwhelmed emotional roller coaster we are on post grad! I too am finding contentment in this time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I miss small group with you! You’re such a gem ❤ ❤

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