Long Runs and Prayer.

After a full week, I was excited to do a 16 mile long run on my own.

I used to run my long runs really hard…

really fast…

and exhaust myself. They made my strong, but they also wore me out.

Thankfully now, I’m much better at R & R…and replenishing my body.


So, I gave my hard long run another shot. It’s been over a year since I’ve pushed myself an entire long run.

It felt like…


Finally, a full week of training that I was proud. And, it gave me time to think, to pray, to thank God that I’m a runner.

Not only that…but it’s sports bra season (that’s pretty exciting for distance runners).

Anyways, it was gorgeous weather, and restful!

On top of that, I came home today and spent some time with my family. My mom and I went shopping and had some good conversations. These past few months, we’ve talked a lot about post-grad life, and life decisions. Today was another day that I tossed around life decision questions, questioned the choices I had made so far, and what these next few years would look like. 

My mom also pointed out that most of the time,  I write about being content or at peace…when more of the time, I’m more so convincing myself that that is how I want to feel. Instead, I’m having a battle in my mind, praying that God would continue to lead me in the decisions I make. I have come to believe that God gives us many opportunities and choices, and as long as we are pursuing him first, He will reveal himself in those choices.

He will guide.

He will direct.

He will lead.

And, I have moments of indecisiveness..moments of worries…moments of my heart racing. But, then…I also have moments of clarity…moments of peace…moments of contentment. And, I think in between all of those moments, and all of them combined comes a deep sense of the understanding that I need God. Not only do I need him, but I was built to rely on him. 

So, I am thankful for long runs. I am thankful that this Saturday…I spent 105 minutes with God, in prayer…in thought..in question. And, the more I pray and think, the more I see how God is working, intricately in my life. He is weaving together my questions, my indecisiveness, my unknowns. He replaces my doubts with His comfort, and my questions, with His gracious…

Wait. Be patient. In my timing.



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