Grace. Human Again.

This line of hers kills me (Hollywood Housewife), in the best possible way: “Not talking about it brings shame to the people who are drowning by trying to create Pinterest lives all on their own.”That’s the heart of it.- Shauna Niequist

Shauna talks about her life realistically as a writer and blogger, a speaker, but also, a mother, a friend, a fragile human.

I am the same. 

Well, not the speaker or mother. But, I am a friend, a daughter, a resident director, a distance runner, a fragile human, a chipped tea cup, glued together by God’s grace.

Today, as we interviewed an RA, she shared Galatians 6:9:

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

What a beautiful reminder of God’s perfect timing. Without Christ, I am capable of being stressed, frustrated, restless, and impatient.

But, with him, I am my complete self. I am spirit, flesh, bones. 

I am huge fan of Ingrid Michaelson. Huge fan. And, her album, Human Again, is an album full of humanness and brokenness. Of hurt. Of pain. Of broken relationships. Here it is:

Human Again


It’s artsy and unique.

It challenges me to think.


It lacks God’s grace.

His redemption.

His aid in curing broken relationships.

And, broken selves. 

I don’t believe that we were created to live in brokenness.

So, I am living in this grace that is so hard to describe. But, it’s the very depth of me.

It’s the fact that I serve a loving Father, a living God. It’s the fact that I am beyond just a runner or resident director, or daughter, friend…mentor. I am living with the Spirit of God burning inside me like a flame.

I am living with my eyes set on Christ.

My ears tuned to His voice.

My heart longing to be in line with His.

And, I refuse to pinterest my life away, or live in relationships through facebook. I want to be genuine, real, transparent.

Live in community. Live in relationship with others. Be broken. Humbled. In awe of God’s grace. In love with His peace. Fueled by His flame. Encouraged by His joy. 

And, in a year that has been full of learning and ups and downs, I am so full of joy. So full of peace. So full of assurance. 

I am the most me that I have felt in awhile. And, it’s because, I am choosing to see God’s grace.

I am learning, being challenged, praying more, thinking less.

Take in God’s grace. 






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