US 15k Champs. Humbled. Thankful.

Interviews for student leadership next year.

Fly to Florida. Get in late. Arrive at the Hyatt.

Get up at 5am. Race a 15k with elite women at Gate River in Jacksonville.


Here’s some of the women coming down heartbreak hill (I’ll post more when I get pictures):



Cool down. Take it in. Shower. Dinner with the elites at the race director’s house.

I’ll spare you the details of the craziness with the elites, but I decided to get back to my hotel safely after and sleep. Time change. Up at 2:30am (now 3:30am)

Wake up at 4am. Fly out at 5:30am. Home at 11:00. Run. Groceries.

ahh…I can breathe for a second.

I’m also famished for dinner at 4:45pm, because it feels like it’s almost 8pm.

Needless to say, after church tonight, I will be so happy to sleep. 

But, right now…I’ll tell you about the past few days. 

Two words: Humbled. Thankful.


I felt mentally ready for the race. Getting on the race line, with almost 20,000 people behind us and a small group of 130 elites (55 women), I was with some of the top women and olympian distance runners. It was an extremely good showing and turnout for this race. And, it was incredibly humbling to race with women much further along in training, fitness, and racing. It can either make you feel defeated or self-conscious, both of which I’ve felt. Or, it can also make you feel humbled and blessed, which I also feel. And, it’s the feeling I’ll stick with 🙂 Look at the opportunities I have! Absolutely incredible to race with a wonderful group of competitors, be hosted so well and really taken care of (endless food…rides to the airport and back..a room before the race). I’ve watched elites all through high school and college; it’s really neat to be a part of it now. I have a ways to go, and my Abba is teaching me a lot. He is also humbling me. He is making me see that my identity is in him. For many in the field I was in, it’s only running. That makes me sad…but also so confident that God has given me the opportunity to be with a select group of runners. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn and grow as a distance runner, but also to shine His love brightly. I love running, but I first love the Lord. My post-race routine is resting and reflecting. I find myself resting and listening to God’s calm still voice that I am His. And, He calls me to be different. 


I am thankful I got to race! 🙂 Regardless of fitness, the quick trip out there, or the tiredness I feel now, I am so thankful. I am thankful for racing, running, and having a great career ahead of me in distance running. I am also thankful for some of the conversations I had during the trip. It’s always really fun to be with a committed group of distance runners; you relate on a level that many can’t even understand. 

I am thankful that even when I don’t feel my best, I can still have a solid race.

I am thankful that I finished Bread & Wine. I also read Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. Lots of reading. So restful for me. 🙂

I also napped on the plane, which napping never ever happens for me.

And, lastly, I am thankful for the wonderful support, love and encouragement of my family and friends. 

Humbled and thankful. Also, very tired. But, it’s one of the best feelings after a packed weekend filled with blessings.


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