Cooped up. Stuffy nose. Watery eyes. Slow runs.

Isn’t funny how sickness can blur not only our eyes, but our view on God’s grace and on His blessings?

Walks in the sunshine, Sports bra season (it’s almost here), sweet potato fries, dreams of camping, friendship, too much coffee. 

In the hardest time of my life, I saw God’s grace through sunsets–daily sunsets. I would be cooped up in my apartment, stressing, drinking toddy…eating chocolate chips…making lists and more lists and more lists…and wondering when I would get a break…when I would be able to slow down, when I would actually be able to take a Sabbath.

Then, a sunset.

One of us would notice the orange sunset. We would all stand outside and watch through the gate outside of our apartment. Kelsey was almost always cooking dinner…Maria doing hw

…Kimmy deep into another paper. But, there was a moment of quiet and awe of the beauty of the smoggy orange sunset. It didn’t matter what we were doing in that moment. All of the sudden, watching the sunset became first priority.

And, not only did sunsets remind me to stop…but so did sunsets.

Early mornings, before weight room with my team, I would put in some miles. Sunrise. God’s grace. Slowing down…even though I was running.

This is where I went to school… (this is where I’d finish my morning runs)


And, since there is always a sunrise, there is always a sunset. God’s grace doesn’t change.

This is the freeway near my home…


So, be reminded when you are tired or sick..or worn out, God is always present. He is always full of grace. He gives us a sunset and sunrise…every day.

And, when I think of peaceful things…I think of…


Yosemite Park: I grew up camping here with my family. I love being outside. I love the smell of pines. I love being in God’s nature.

**On that note, I also love cabins. Yes, I enjoy showers. I’m not going to pretend I don’t. But, I can rough it too. 

Yurts: No, I haven’t ever rented a yurt. But, it’s my dream. It’s like camping in luxury…but still enjoying the coolness of night, like you do when you camp!



Blogs: Anytime I can listen to Bon Iver, James Vincent McMurrow or Ingrid Michaelson and read my favorite blogs, I am pretty content. 

A few favs:

Sweet Potato Fries: Very sweet memories from my close friend and college roommate, Kelsey. She made me love this vegetable. Plus, it reminds me of her.

Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries


Music: Music helps me to write and to think and to process. I have a love for folk and indie, and for music from shows, like Nashville. I tried to find the sweet clip of the characters from Nashville singing this…but I could only find the cover. 

Grace: God’s Grace.

My favorite picture of His grace this week?

Newborns. (Baby Dash…from one of my favorite bloggers)


Love. Love. Love.

I love sunsets. I also love babies. 

And, I love God’s grace.




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