Fear and Bikes.

Usually I write about running; it’s one of my biggest passions.

But, today, I’m going to talk to you about bikes.

Today, during my run…God spoke softly in my ear, in a way I didn’t expect.

I ran on one of my favorite trails in Rocklin this morning, from my favorite coffee shop…Bloom. On top of that, it’s beautiful out. I started out the morning slow. I love three day weekends.

Because it’s a holiday, the usually quiet trail was much busier with people and families, kids on bikes, women walking. I came up on three women walking and a couple of their daughters walking a bit ahead of them (they were probably 5). As I came up on them, they little girls giggled and started to run, then stopped. One little girl giggled and said, “Hi!” At that moment, I smiled and stopped, jogged back and asked the girls if they wanted to race me (for maybe 20 feet). At first they smiled and were shy, looking back at their parents. Then, they gave in. 

They won of course.

As I continued to run, I picked up the pace, hit my turn around point and started back. I ended up being next to a dad and his young son for awhile. The dad asked me my pace and I gave him an estimate. His young son would slow, then stop, then ride fast. So, I ended up seeing them quite a few times as I kept a steady pace.

They rode ahead after passing me, and then…

there was a crash.

The little boy screamed. The dad stopped abruptly, got off his bike and ran to his son. I passed and I told him I’d let his wife and older son know ahead.

His sweet little boy would be okay. In fact, he was only screaming from fear. I remember falling many times as a kid learning how to bike. One instance, I fell in a berry bush on a trail; I screamed as I felt the prickles pierced my skin. My mom soothed me and told me I was going to be okay and that it was just scary. 

As I ran further, I could no longer hear the screams of fear from the little boy. Instead, I heard God’s voice…

Lauren, that’s what I do for you. You will fall. You will fall even though you’re 22. And, you know what…you will be okay. Sometimes, it is just a little scary. Don’t let fear keep you from getting back on your bike.”

In God’s eyes, I am still His child.

I will fall.

And, probably scream.

But, fear cannot hold me back from continuing to ride my bike, to trust that my Father will come running for me when I fall.


Just like Chris Brown talked about at Bayside last night, we have to trust that we won’t always understand all that God does. We cannot fathom His vastness, His plans, His ways. 

That is where faith comes in, to replace the fear that makes us scream when we fall off our bikes.



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