Stars, Grace and Dark Chocolate.

It’s a week of much needed grace and yes, extra dark…really dark chocolate. My cravings this week have exceeded the usual amount. As well as add shots in my already black iced coffee.

I’ve wanted to sit and blog. I’ve also wanted to have time to call my mom or Skype my college roommates. Or, maybe actually…sit for one minute. I’d like time to be in the Word without the burden of growing lists in my mind or worry or stress. I’d also like the tension in my shoulders to finally go away. And, for as ‘unemotional’ as I feel like I am, I’ve been on the brink of tears too many times this week.

Late nights. Lots of stress. Lots of worries.

And, lots of grace from people I love.

In the middle of craziness, of a packed week, I’ve had so many moments of being on the brink of tears, when God blesses me with a reminder that He is near. He is by my side. I’ve had so many wonderful and encouraging conversations with my staff ..who feel more like sisters. 

Thursday, Nick took our Resident Life staff to a river up in Auburn. Then, we spent time in prayer and journaling on our own. I was reminded in Isaiah 40:11-13 that God holds the dust of the earth in His hands. He also calls the stars out by night…by name and they all hear him. Why do I miss God’s voice in my life so often? The stars never seem to forget. 


Rest is what I need. I need fresh air and a break. And, sleep. God is reminding me He is near. He will give me rest…if I follow if His path. If, I recognize His grace. 

I’d love to blog more…but…I’m off to take my staff to coffee and journal at a park. 




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