Because my days are full, full of people…and conversations…and walks; I didn’t get the pleasure of writing the blog I had written in my mind all day. 

This morning, I got up with a full heart and so much joy. My new favorite breakfast is iced toddy and greek yogurt with almond butter and flax. I actually get really excited to wake up and eat breakfast. 

I’m also thankful not everyone loves mornings. Or else, for the introvert like me…they probably wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

Mornings allow me to slow down. Write. Be in the Word. Think. Process. Live in the quiet. Be.

Before I’m out running on the trails…then rushing around everywhere, I choose to just “be.

Yesterday, I did an early short morning run. As I walked out of my apartment, the fog was waiting to engulf me on the trail. So excited.

And, it was the thickest fog I’ve ever run in. So thick that as I ran on the trail right next to campus, I couldn’t see it. I could see far enough in front of me to know where I was going, and also a bit behind me. And, then it hit me.

This is how God is working in my life.

He allows me to see a bit before and a bit behind, but the rest has to be by faith. It was the most beautiful picture of how He is leading me. 

I want to live in the fogginess of not knowing every day. I want to trust God enough to let him lead me, without knowing all that He has in store.

And, the less I plan, the less I try to figure things out, the more I see His hand in my life. It is an incredible thing to live in daily.

It can be scary or nerve-racking, but…

I think I’d like to live in the fog.



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