Choosing Joy.

“You are the song 
You are the song I’m singing
You are the air 
You are the air I breathe in
You are the hope
You are the hope I’m needin’
You are…”

There are moments when I feel absolutely filled to the brim with joy. I had just finished my run today on one of my favorite trails in Rocklin. It was cold, but warm enough to not wear gloves. It was nice; I usually freeze. I started a bit stiff from my first run back after my race, but warmed up by the end. Plus, I bought some new country songs right before my run to listen to, including “Home to me” by Sarah Darling. 

I got in my car and “You are” by Colton Dixon was playing…and as I listened to the lyrics, I found myself praying and praising God for how rich my life is, how I see him working in me..molding my selfish and stubborn heart. My deepest heart is that I am in the center of God’s will. It’s not as complicated as we make it. He calls us first to love him. Then, to love people.

And, I chose joy throughout the whole day, I spent the day in prayer and reflection, as I went about doing the things I do on a typical Saturday. Ran. TJs. Coffee…multiple times. Baking. 

Today was filled with people I love including my mom 🙂 She’s my best friend…so it’s great when I get to have coffee with her. We met up at Bloom and I showed her pictures from my race and we talked about life. 

Plus, I had Kombucha Kulture on tap with Parker and Maria Daniells. Have I expressed my enjoyment of kombucha? I really really like it. The three of us had a blast going to the tiny venue outside of a yoga place close by. And, spending time with the two of them is always fun. They bless my life! 🙂



Later this afternoon I spent some time with my girls. I live in a special place…called Rispoli Hall. All girls college dorm. I have the best job in the world. I get to do life with them daily.

And, I got so excited about my SFG (Spiritual Formation Group) on Monday, that I already baked delicious granola bars for them. I’m all about baking and giving it away. It’s a way of blessing people. Plus, college students love baked goods and food. I secretly find my way into their hearts. Just kidding. Really, baking is peaceful to me. It’s time to think..and slow down..and pray.

I am also excited for tomorrow. Superbowl then church. I hate football (if I’m being honest). But, I love people. I love spending time with people. And, I am incredibly passionate about sports. I have always been an athlete, so I have a deep appreciation for competition, for fitness, for working hard. It’s a huge part of me and it’s deep inside my being. God created me to be an athlete, but for the purpose of praising him with my body. He gave the endurance and determination to be a distance runner. 

I have rambled and spilled out my day in front of you. The most important thing about today? Getting to choose God’s joy and being filled by His peace daily. These past few days as I have prayed through things and tried to set my heart on Christ, I have felt so filled with joy. 

So down and breathe in God’s grace. Don’t miss the joyful moments He is trying to fill your life up with.



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