Simplicity and Almond Butter.

I have been rushing around all day…and also thinking about how much I want to write. 

So, here I am. It’s 8:30 on a Friday night, and…I’m in my favorite grey sweater. It’s from Urban. And, it’s perfect. Plus..I’m sitting on my bed with James Vincent McMorrow playing. 

This past week went by so fast, and it was full of so much. So many good conversations. So many prayers. Lots of journaling. Lots of seeking the Lord. Lots of walks. 

After my first half, I took some days off. I’m happy to get back at it tomorrow, but I’ve also enjoyed rest. It’s funny to hear myself say that. I actually enjoy resting. I don’t complain about not running or how I fear taking days off (like I used to). Instead, I live in it; I love it. I love taking days off. That’s how God created our bodies. Even distance runners like me; rest is crucial…it fuels me. Plus, it gives me extra time to go on long walks with friends. I’m a fan of that.

At a coffee shop this week, I sat at a big table in the heat of the sun with my RD team. I’m lucky to have them. We talked about words we wanted to focus on this next season. I could talk about mine (I’m sure I will at some point). But, I want to share one that challenged me. Nick shared it with us (I’m secretly a part of Nick’s fan club. Him and His wife, Sheri, not only live out Jesus’ Incarnational ministry, but they challenge me and encourage me.)

Nick’s word:


Mmmm. Do I really know what that looks like? I think I’m beginning too. I’m trying to. 

I’m feeling more settled as an RD, feeling like Jessup is home. It’s a really wonderful feeling. It feels like peace. God’s peace.

For me, simplify looks like slowing down. Enjoying life..and the relationships I live in daily. It means being present. Being fully aware of what God is using me to do.

Simplify challenges me to also think of “simplicity.”

When I think of simplicity today, a few things come to mind…

Almond Butter: If you know me well, you know I am a health fanatic. My favorite places to shop are Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Recently, I’ve rediscovered my love of almond butter. My new favorite breakfast is greek yogurt with almond butter and a big cup of black coffee.


Long Walks: As much as I love running, I really love long walks with good friends. I’ve gone on a few wonderful walks with friends the past few days. Running helps me process. So do walks. I’m pretty easily content. Walks are on my top 5 list of favorite things to do. 

85% Dark Chocolate Lovers bar: It’s high in cocoa content. And, it’s from Trader Joes. Plus, it’s my absolute favorite.


Anthropologie perfume stick: It has an elegant smell. And, there is something special about it. I gave one to my mom too. 

Genuine Conversations: I am so thankful to live and work at a campus where I get to have genuine conversations daily. About life. About God. I realize how blessed I am.

Campus Events: Oh my word. We have so much fun at Jessup. Polar bear slip-in-slide. Did I do it? No way. I would freeze. However, I did watch staff members and students..and friends do it. I loved watching. 

Bayside: My new home church. Still a transition. Still getting plugged in. But, I love going. I love being there. I love who I go with. Slowly starting to build community. 

I could list more, but, I could also simplify. 

Something I loved hearing at chapel today….

God honoring choices are harder.”

I’ve seen that recently in my life, but at the same time, those choices come with peace. God honoring choices are worth it. And, God honoring choices definitely provide simplicity. When we do it the way God has intended, it’s simple.





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