Absolute Certainty.

In two days I will be racing the Carlsbad Half Marathon. It’s my debut in the half marathon and as an elite runner. It’s exciting and nerve racking…and faith testing.

I am confident in a 5k.

And a 10k.

But, a half marathon makes me really nervous.

Then God whispers quietly…

I made you. I created you to run. Have the faith the size of a mustard seed…even a grain of salt, because I will not let you down. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. 

And, I realize. This is why I was made. This is what faith looks like lived out in my running. It was so much easier when I had my team, my coach at every workout, reassurance from others. Now, my running is more quiet. Morning runs are on my own. Tempos are done early mornings when the trails are cold and still frosted over.

I realize though…the quietness is a beautiful blessing.

It’s just me and God.

And, in my heart…I know that’s the way God intended me to be with running. 

So, the nerves pulsing through my body and the questions of, “Can I race a half in the time I know I am capable? Am I ready? What if I feel terrible?…” circle my mind.

But, just as quickly, God speaks into my heart and into my nervous veins that He is with me. He made me ready. He will be with me each mile, just like every tempo run…and every training run. He won’t leave me when it’s time to really proclaim His name. 

He wants to shine.

And, yes…one of my ways of preparing? Writing and getting in bed early. God made me with the heart to work really hard, but recently, He has shown me how much I need rest. 




One thought on “Absolute Certainty.

  1. Yes, you are absolutely ready. The doubts you have are only in your own head. And, they are not put there by God. 🙂 So trust him. I KNOW you can do this. And I know you can run even faster than you think you can. Remember our run/bike ride. It was just fine for you and you weren’t even racing. Have confidence and know. He will give you endurance and strength and boundless energy. Feel his presence as you run.
    Love you, heart!

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