We learned rest.

Kelsey, one of my best friends and college roommate, taught me to rest. Like Shauna Niequist wrote about in her blog, http://www.shaunaniequist.com/,”The Push & Permission,” …Kelsey gave me permission. Multiple times. I needed permission to rest and permission to rest, to be ok with imperfection, with mistakes, with brokenness.

Shauna’s friend told her this:

“She said: STOP. Say no. Remake your life in a way that works for you, and remake it now.”

It’s funny; Kelsey did the same for me during college. She, and my friend, Danielle Balch, constantly reminded me to sloowwww down. They are the most like me; we don’t know how to rest. Kelsey and I decided we would remind each other..constantly. Danielle and I did the same in many coffee shops for our weekly date, or on walks…or when I would cry and say I was doing too much. I’m thankful for her and our friendship. I am also thankful that she is getting married soon!!! Image

This past weekend, Kelsey came and visited me. She reminded me again to rest. She gave me permission to sleep until I wanted, and also to get up and run however far I wanted. She constantly reminds me that I can’t do it all, but also that I have a wonderful Savior that created me to rest, to have fun, to laugh until I cry, to cry when it’s needed…to feel hurt if I am…to be okay with being a college graduate and learning about a new type of community. We encourage each other. More than anything, she teaches me rest. She teaches it in the best way by modeling it. Thank you Kelsey for being a reminder to me. Thank you for filling my heart with joy.  

What else topped off this weekend?

Skyping the beautiful Kimmy, one of our other college roommates, part of the core four 🙂


Kimmy is the cute blondie 🙂 She now is a brunette..and a missionary in Turkey. I admire and love her heart, her passion to serve our Savior, and her joy. She encourages me even all that way in Turkey! I feel connected to her; I am. That’s what happen when you live with wonderful roommates that serve and seek the Lord. We may not live together…but we teach other how to love life by living our very different lives for the Lord! 

My very best friend…Maria, is finishing her nursing degree at APU. I am so proud of her! And, as much as I would love to hope she’d move back home to be with me; she’s pretty happy in So Cal 🙂

I am tired after this weekend, but so full of life and joy. And, in the same way, I feel so rested. 


One thought on “We learned rest.

  1. love you and love this 🙂 heres to many years ahead of doing life together, no matter the number of miles between us all!

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