God speaks.

Bayside Church was crowded tonight. Packed. No parking. People rushing. Seats filled. Crowds. Excitement.

Francis Chan spoke.

Actually, God used Francis Chan to speak. Francis Chan is one of my favorite speakers and authors. God used him to impact me in college on how I view life, missions, and relationships. I walk away tonight challenged, mind spinning..heart excited. God is doing so much. So often though, I sit in a crowded room like I did tonight anticipating what Francis will say…what things will make me flinch in my chair…or stir in my mind. Really…it’s about what God is speaking through Francis. He humbles himself enough to give a sermon that is  unplanned, but clear, uncomfortable, but genuine. I learn a lot every time I listen, because he puts himself aside and lets God speak. Francis, no, God through Francis, said a lot tonight…but I could summarize a few things that stick out.

1) If we walk away from a teaching like tonight only feeling guilty or like we heard a good sermon..but do nothing, we are foolish…and really, not doing what God has called us to do.

2) James 1:22…do the Word.

3) Matthew 28:18-20…Go make disciples. This is what we are commanded to do as believers.

And, wouldn’t it be a sad thing if we stood in front of the Lord one day and said, “Oops, I forgot.” Or, “I was busy worrying about getting married…or buying a car..”

It made me smile when Francis said (summarized),

“I think we grossly underestimate what it will be like to stand in front of the throne of God. We get to reign with him in heaven one day. Why aren’t people talking about that more?! Why aren’t people excited? Instead we talk about buying a car or house, and I’m like….I’m thinking about reigning with God!”



What if what we did as believers…actually meant discipleship?

Telling others about Christ.

Healing like Jesus did.



Loving practically.

We’ve got a long way to go. 

I want to make disciples, like Christ has called me to.




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